Media appearances

2018. “Liveness in the Age of Social Media.” The Hmm, Mediamatic Amsterdam.

2018. “On Data-Driven Research and Visualization.” MediaLab Katowice. http://blog.medialabkatowice.eu/en/karin-van-es-data-driven-approaches-are-often-particularly-good-at-raising-new-questions-which-may-need-to-be-answered-with-different-methods/

2016. “Wat is Beeldradio?” Onder Mediadoctoren. <Listen to Podcast>

2015. “Live liveness in realtime.” Radio Swammerdam/Amsterdam FM (December). <Listen to Podcast>

2015. “De toekomst van televisie.” Mapping Media/UU (November).

2014. “Liever live?” VPRO Gids (September). <Read interview>


Van Es, Karin. 2014. “Facebook as Public Sphere: The Black Pete Debate.” Rathenau Data Denkers. 2 October. http://datadenkers.wordpress.com/2014/10/02/facebook-as-public-sphere-the-black-pete-debate/