Current projects

  • Data walkshops
  • Editing special issue ‘Big Data Histories’ for TMG
  • PSB & public values in a digital age
  • Social media metrics & algorithms – shaping culture
  • Data visualization
  • Tool criticism & accountability

Past projects

  • The Datafied Society (edited volume)
  • The Future of Live (book)
  • Reimagining Twitter as tool for audience research
  • The Black Pete discussion on Facebook
  • Open Data platform

PhD project “The Paradox of Liveness: From the Broadcast Media Era to the Social Media Era” (completed 2014)
Liveness has been a persistent and much-debated concept in media studies. It has long been associated with broadcast media, and television in particular. However, the emergence of social media, following the dot-com bubble bust, has brought new forms of liveness into effect. These challenge common assumptions about and perspectives on liveness, which fail to capture these new forms, provoking a revisiting of the concept. This dissertation seeks to develop a more comprehensive understanding of what liveness is and, perhaps even more pertinently, to clarify the stakes surrounding the category of the ‘live.’